About This Blogger!

I grew up in a household that was filled with cooking routines. We had a rotation of maybe 10 meals that were repeated biweekly without fail (Meatloaf Monday, Taco Tuesday, Spaghetti Wednesday – you get the idea). This routine was most likely the best solution to meet the needs of a harried, working mother, picky kids, and a meat-and-potatoes husband, rather than any kind of unimaginative effort on my mother’s part. However, being a kid who craved routine, I had no complaints about the consistency at the dinner table. I loved my mom’s cooking and looked forward each week to my favorites (I still refuse to attempt pork roast because I just can’t make it like my mother’s).

When I finally began to live with Mr. R., my husband, I realized that not all kids grew up with moms who could make pot roasts in her sleep. Mr. R.’s mother was something of a gourmand, a woman who relished time in her kitchen and was known for her baking. As much as I craved routine and sameness, he craved variety and new taste experiences. So, about 7 years ago, I endeavored to not only learn how to cook, but learn to enjoy cooking.

This resolution coincided with a major need to drop some of those extra pounds that I picked up in college. Armed with a subscription to Cooking Light magazine, I set out to try something new. Over the years, my light cuisine resources have expanded: Martha Stewart’s recipes (usually slightly modified to meet healthier standards), Hungry Girl, and myrecipes.com are all sources on which I rely. I did finally drop those college pounds, but keeping them off is a daily challenge.

So, this blog will basically chronicle my lightened-up cooking experiences. I have become hooked on other cooking blogs and have a hard time finding blogs that focus on healthy choices. This blog will attempt to record my experiences and also challenge me in a variety of ways:

*As a photographer: I will always include pictures of the process and results of each recipe. I love looking at others’ results, and I hate it when a blogger doesn’t show me a picture of what they’ve just cooked! However, I am not a picture-taker and don’t really know much about photography. Perhaps I’ll pick up a few tips along the way to take the best pictures!

*As a writer: I am a high-school english teacher who HATES to write – really, I do. This blog will force me to do some kind of creative writing on a weekly basis.

*As a dieter/chef: Occasionally, I may talk about a struggle I am having in my weight loss/maintenance (where I am on this scale seems to change weekly!). Perhaps having a reason to always make healthy choices will encourage me to stay on track!

So, I am going to start this evening with a Hungry Girl recipe: Caramel Pumpkin Pudding Cupcakes. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and especially love all things cupcake! Results forthcoming…